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Talsofts Topup App

Product Name
Talsofts Topup App
Product Code
Product Name
Talsofts Topup App

Talsofts Topup App is a light-weight application designed to be used on mobile data to allow people to purchase their credit from their mobile phones. Consequently, users will only be able to do very limited activities with this application. Users may visit to access more features and services.

Users may use this app to

  • Create a free Talsofts Customer Account
  • Purchase their Digicel and/or Flow credit online
  • Top up their mobile phone accounts
  • Check credit availability before making a purchase
  • Contact Talsofts Support
  • Call Talsoft Solutions directly from their mobile phones

You may download the app from both the Windows and Google Play Stores.


The video below describes a brief overview of the new app.

Here are some of the screen shots associated with the 

You may download the app from the Windows and Google Play Stores


Profuct Status
Product Start Date
Tuesday, January 15, 2019